Monday, February 2, 2015

Pizza Pie Cafe Fundraiser

Pizza Pie Cafe is extending our fundraiser through this week. Please come support the American Fork Color Guard. Print off this fundraiser card and bring it with you. Thanks!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

WG Fundaiser @ Pizza Pie Cafe

Pizza Pie Cafe is donated 25% of their profit for anyone who comes and says they are there to support the AF Color Guard program. Here are the dates and times:

January 26-29th all day except Wednesday. Wednesday will be 5-8 and is our "special" day where it's mainly for band/color guard.

March 16-19th all day except for Wednesday 5-8pm (same as above)!

Get the word out! Thanks.

Family Night Fundraiser

Our Family Night Fundraiser is being held February 13th. Dinner runs from 6-7pm and the show starts at 7:15pm.

Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children 3-12. This includes dinner and the show. You can also just come for the show -  tickets are $2 at the door.

You can purchase tickets from any color guard member starting on January 26th.

Thanks and we hope to see you there.
American Fork Color Guard

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Parent Meeting


I apologize for having to do this - but we need to change our parent meeting for Thursday. It will now be from 5-5:30pm for the A & Open parents, and 5:30-6:00pm for the C & B Guards.

Again I apologize for the change in times. Hope you can all make it.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

B & C Guard Results

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned on Saturday. Below each list is when our first rehearsal will start. Thank you! Also, congratulations to Kelly Mather and Tricia Larsen on making the A Guard.

AF B Guard 2015

Kelsi Gough
Hallie Wing
Savannah Wing
Savannah Johnson
Anna McGuire
Harlie Tisdale
Shelsey Cleveland
Kaitlyn Meyers
Brianna Manseau
Emily Farnsworth
Kimee Manges
Madi Mrykalo
Camryn Hansen
Brittany Hurst
Taylor Whittington
Meilani Murphy
Nikelle Limon
Amy Schmuhl
Amanda Vin Zant
Sydney Wells
Madi Childs 
Laila Nelson
Josie Jones
Hannah Sumsion
Kaylie Ashcraft
Myken Gurnery
Anna Workman
Kristen Pace
Lizzy Hafen
Meagan Zabriskie
Emma Allred
Courtney Thomas
Sabrina Cline

Our first rehearsal will be December 1 from 6-7:45am at AFJH. We will be in the gym behind the band room. We will also have a parent meeting December 9th at 7:30pm in the band room at AFHS. $75 payment will be due December 10th.

AF C Guard 

Alyssa Roylance
Ashlynn Schow
Avery Sadleir
Brelle Miller
Calleigh Manseau
Dahlia Mayfield
Ella Mayfield
Emery Gilles
Emma Jensen
Hannah Hansen
Kara Farnsworth
Kate Anderson
Kelsey Melvin
Maegan Barney
Mattie Neves
Megan Ashcraft
Sadie Nicholson
Sarah McGuire

Our first rehearsal will be December 2 from 5:30-7:30 in the band room at AFHS. We will have our parent meeting December 9th at 7:30pm in the band room at AFHS.

Monday, November 10, 2014

A & Open Guard 2015

Congratulations to everyone that made our A & Open Teams. Below is our list. We will be holding re-auditions for A Guard on Thursday morning from 7:30-9am. If anyone who didn't audition is interested, please contact Tiffany ASAP. Thank you! We will also hold re-auditions for rifle for the A Guard at this time. Please get with an Open Guard captain before then and come prepared.

Kayleigh Bowden (alt. rifle)
Allie Brower - Weapon Co-Captain (rifle/saber)
Kylee Ciriako (rifle/saber)
Ali Cleveland (rifle/saber)
Erin Cowan (rifle)
Clarissa Ferry
Alli Gilbert (rifle)
Katey Gordon (rifle/saber)
Anna Hafen
Becca Izatt
Elyse Johnson
Bronte Knowlton - Guard Captain (rifle/saber)
Kariane Lemmon - Flag Co-Captain
Emma Lind - Flag Captain
Ashley Manseau (rifle)
Rachel Nilsson
Kat Patterson (alt. rifle)
Adrienn Taft (rifle)
Maddy Statham (rifle/saber)
Katelynn Steinbrenner (rifle)
Rose Vin Zant
Emily Zabriskie - Weapon Captain (rifle/saber)

A Guard
Halie Allphin
Emily Ashcraft (rifle)
Brook Bradford
Mikayla Dicou
McKayla Ebert (rifle)
Megan Evans
Brittany Freitas
Cheyanne Gainsford
Nalissa Hansen
Hadlee Harvey
Rachael Kimball (rifle)
Savanah Knowlton - Guard Co-Captain (rifle)
Morgan Krull (rifle)
Yngwie LaCrue (rifle)
Tricia Larsen
Vallory Laursen
Julia Mather - Guard Captain (rifle)
Kelly Mather
Eleanor Miller
Cardon Schiess
Sidney Shupe
Elise Thomas
Julia Toomey
Kalyssa Turner

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Parade Make-Up

Below is the make-up needed for Saturday. Thank you.

p.s. If you were on open guard, you don't need to purchase anything.

Liquid and powder foundation
Black eyeliner and mascara
White eyeshadow
Brown eyeshadow - Revlon colorstay 555 moonlit
Lipstick - Covergirl Outlast 521, 2 pieces (picture attached) 

Directions for the make-up:
Trace eye with black eyeliner. 
Apply the white eye shadow to the entire lid of the eye. Then apply the darker brown (#4) to the bottom of the lid, followed with a little of #2 on top of that and then #1 on top of that. Then apply mascara. And last (after dressed) apply lipstick.
Of course this is all done after you have applied your 2 foundations and blush. Let me know if this doesn't make sense and I can help you.